Our Mission

Our goal is to produce a large selection of smart, sophisticated, fashionably fun accessories to compliment your mobile devices and tablets. We remain committed to quality, innovation and customer service, while striving to be a leader in the industry.

At Cellairis®, we continue to foster and create an enterprise that creates jobs for our friends, families, communities and franchisees throughout the world.


About Cellairis

An industry leader in providing cutting-edge tech accessories, and mobile device repair services, Cellairis®, based in Alpharetta, Ga., is committed to offering a wide range of modern and sophisticated products. Cellairis® recognizes that consumers want their tech to match their lifestyle, and is dedicated to creating quality wireless accessories that are fun, fearless and fashionable. Customers across the world have access to Cellairis®’ vast array of wireless merchandise, as well as specialty services like customization and phone repair offered through mall-based kiosks and inline stores, and within big box anchors, such as Walmart®. Operating a unique franchise model, Cellairis® delivers exceptional service at each location globally.